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What to Include in a Pocket Pet First Aid Kit

July 1 2015

Does you have a first aid kit for your pocket pet? If not, you may want to consider organizing one. While we hope you’ll never need it, a first aid kit could save you precious time in the event of an emergency. In this article, a local Lawrenceville, GA, vet lists some things you can include in your tiny furball’s first aid kit.

Medical Supplies

Your pocket pet’s first aid kit should include basic medical supplies. Many items will be the same things that you would find in a first aid kit for cats or dogs. Include items like non-stick bandages, gauze, small syringes, antiseptic spray, and styptic powder. Alcohol-free wipes, gloves, tweezers, a foil blanket, and wound dressing are also good things to keep in the kit.

General Health

A small scale to weigh your pet is good to have on hand in case your pet ever gets sick. We also advise putting a towel in your first aid kit, so you have something to wrap your little one up in if needed. A heating pad is also recommended, in case you ever need to keep your furball warm.

Grooming Supplies

While you can certainly keep grooming supplies separate, you may find it easier to have everything in one place. Include round-end scissors, a comb or brush, and cotton swabs. We also advise putting pet-safe shampoo in the kit. That way, if your tiny furball ever gets something spilled on him and has to be bathed, you’ll have everything ready in one place!


Be sure to include your vet’s information in your first aid kit. You may want to purchase or print some basic first-aid instructions to have on hand in case of an emergency. Of course, if your pet is ever sick or injured, you’ll want to contact your vet immediately!


Prevention is always better than a cure. Make sure to do thorough research on your type of pet. Learn what foods are and are not dangerous for your furball, and become familiar with common illnesses and their associated symptoms. The better you know your furball, the easier it will be for you to spot abnormal behavior.

Do you have any questions about your pet’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us any time! As your local Lawrenceville, GA, veterinary clinic, we always provide excellent veterinary care.

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