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Satisfy Your Senior Dog With Top-Notch Care

September 1 2015

Your senior golden retriever Rusty has become your household patriarch. Your ten-year-old canine housemate keeps your younger dog in line; and he also monitors your family’s activities. On his regular walks, he’s showered with pats and ear scratches. You want Rusty to stay healthy through his golden years, so your Lawrenceville, GA vet provides him with consistent physical checkups. He also gave your lucky pooch a tailored senior health program.

Tasty, Nutritious Diet

Rusty has always chowed down on a nutritious adult dog diet. His vet-approved food contained top-quality proteins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. His body still requires these nutrients, although in different portions. Because he has slowed down, he should consume fewer daily calories.

Your vet identified your companion’s nutritional needs and exercise habits. If he had packed on pounds, the vet would likely choose a specialty blend that promotes healthy weight loss. If your dog managed a chronic medical problem, he might consume a food that meshed with his treatment program.

Continued Canine Vaccinations

Your senior companion still needs vaccinations that protect him from dangerous and infectious canine diseases. The vet will evaluate his age, health status, and lifestyle before administering the correct vaccines.

Professional Dental Care

Rusty’s gleaming white teeth have always showcased his gorgeous reddish coat. Since he was a puppy, the vet has examined his teeth and gums during each physical checkup. He benefits from regular dental cleanings; and you also scrub his choppers. By continuing this dental care regimen, you’ll help him to avoid harmful dental disease.

Delightful Light Exercise

Your eager dog enjoys his twice-daily neighborhood walks. Besides completing important business, he visits his canine buddies and their pet parents. This consistent exercise helps him to stay fit. Your vet can recommend other gentle workouts, such as soothing warm-water swims or slow-moving fetch games.

If your companion seems to wince when he walks normally, stands, or scales your steps, contact your vet. He can prescribe medications and/or therapies that should help.

As Rusty enjoys his senior years, your Lawrenceville, GA vet will give him regular physical checkups, preferably twice yearly. He’ll also address emerging medical issues. If your dog’s food and water consumption change, or his urination and/or defecation habits seem different, alert your vet. To give your senior dog the excellent care she deserves, contact us for expert advice.

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