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Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 15 2015

Did you know that June 26 is Take Your Dog To Work Day? While we strongly advise against bringing Fido into the office without your boss’ permission, we do support this cute way to recognize our canine buddies. Actually, Take Your Dog To Work Day seems to gain a little bit of momentum every year. Fido’s presence at the office has been known to boost morale, encourage team work and bonding, decrease stress, and increase productivity! In this article, a Lawrenceville, GA, veterinarian discusses some of the do’s and don’ts of taking your furry friend to work.

The Resume

First and foremost, make sure your dog is completely housetrained before bringing him into the office. You won’t have a good day if your pooch pees on someone’s desk! Dogs that bark a lot, and those with aggressive tendencies, are probably not well-suited for office work. To test Fido’s work compatibility, take him to a busy place with lots of strangers, and see how he reacts. Does he handle the commotion calmly? If Fido is uneasy among lots of strangers, the office may not be the best place for him.

The Interview

Make sure to get approval to bring your pooch to work beforehand, not just from your boss, but from those who work in your immediately vicinity. Does the person sitting across from you have a fear of dogs? Does one of your teammates have allergies? Avoid unpleasant surprises for both yourself and your co-workers by making sure Fido will be welcome at the office. Also, make sure to prepare your desk for Fido. Secure loose wires, empty your garbage, and remove any toxic plants.

First Day Jitters

We know, your dog is a loyal, lovable, and playful friend, not to mention adorable, but don’t expect everyone in the office to fawn over him. You’ll probably find every dog lover in the company stopping by your desk, so just keep Fido at your desk and let those who want to meet him come to you. You’ll also want to watch your pup’s snacking. Dogs love treats, and many of us love doling out snacks. Make sure your co-workers understand that they shouldn’t feed your pooch without your permission.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us, your Lawrenceville, GA, veterinary clinic, any time. We are always here to help!

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