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Bunnies and Hay

June 1 2015

Have you recently decided to get a pet bunny? If so, you’ve chosen a super adorable pet. Bunnies are almost unbearably cute, and it’s really fun to watch them hopping around and playing. When it comes to taking care of a pet rabbit, one thing that is very important is hay. Hay should actually make up the bulk of Floppy’s diet. In this article, your Lawrenceville veterinarian talks about this crucial aspect of your pet’s diet.


Hay is critical to your rabbit’s digestive system. Floppy needs a lot of fiber to keep everything running smoothly. Bunnies that don’t get enough fiber can develop gastrointestinal stasis, which can be deadly. GI is what happens when food gets compacted in a bunny’s stomach.

Dental Health

Bunnies have open-rooted teeth, which means that Floppy’s choppers never stop growing. Therefore, your furry pal needs to chew to keep her teeth in good shape. Wild rabbits wear their teeth down on tough plants and fibers, but pet rabbits need hay. You’ll need to give your furball plenty of chew toys, but she’ll still need hay.

Types of Hay

Baby bunnies can have alfalfa, but it is too rich for adult bunnies to eat. Timothy hay is a good choice for your little furball. Orchard grass, oat hay, and Bermuda grass are also acceptable. Properly stored hay can remain good for a year. Be sure to store your hay in a place that is not too bright, is well ventilated, and is not damp. Don’t cover it with a tarp, or put it in a cellar.

Fussy Bunnies

Bunnies are very opinionated little furballs. Your pet may prefer one type of hay to another. If your bunny is being fussy about her hay, try stuffing some in a cardboard tube, like those found in toilet paper rolls. You can also mix a few types of hay together, or even squirt a bit of pineapple juice on it.


Bunnies can eat some grass as well. Just be sure not to give Floppy any grass that was treated with toxic chemicals or pesticides. You also want to avoid giving your pet grass clippings from a freshly-mowed lawn. Last but not least, if Floppy isn’t used to grass, start slowly!

Do you have questions about your rabbit’s care or diet? Contact us now! As your local Lawrenceville vet clinic, we are here to assist!

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