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Homemade Summer Treats for Dogs

May 15 2015

Are you ready for summer? Most of us enjoy some fun in the sun, and our canine pals are no exception. Summer’s heat can be tough on Man’s Best Friend: after all, he wears a fur coat! One thing all of our canine friends have in common is their love for snacks. If you like to cook, or just want to pamper your pet, you can make your pooch some delicious frozen homemade doggy snacks. In this article by a Lawrenceville veterinarian, you’ll read about some great treats that Fido can enjoy on hot days.


This one is a favorite among our four-legged friends. Mix water and low-sodium chicken broth together, and pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. Add a doggy snack to each compartment and then freeze it. You can also make different versions of these by adding in bits of cooked, unseasoned meat; cheese; or egg. One popular variation is to make cheeseburger pupsicles by adding cooked hamburger and cheese into these yummy snacks.

Doggy Ice Cream

This one’s definitely for the dogs! Mix a can of pureed pumpkin with a half cup of peanut butter and one cup of plain yogurt, then freeze it. There are many different variations of this doggy ice cream recipe. Feel free to experiment to suit your canine pal’s individual taste! Carob, honey, and banana are a few things you can try. For toppers, add bacon bits, honey, or shredded cheese.

Frozen Meat

Here is a great idea for an easy summer treat for your pooch: freeze small bites of chicken, liver, or hot dogs. You can hand these yummy snacks out to your pooch on hot days. You can also freeze bits of cheese, or even a cooked egg.

Banana Bites

This healthy snack is rich with potassium! Mix yogurt, peanut butter, and mashed-up ripe bananas, and pour the mixture into little cups. When you want to give your canine pal a special treat, just push the snacks out of the cups and hand them over.

Fido will love these delicious treats, but be careful not to go overboard! One or two at a time is plenty. As the saying says, everything in moderation!

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