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Provide Good Nourishment for Your New Kitten

April 1 2015

Your six-week-old kitten Moxie resembles a colorful wind-up toy. You adopted this little orange tabby yesterday, and she has already made her presence known in your home. Mostly, your little whirlwind races through the rooms, frequently stopping to chase her tail. She occasionally curls up for a nap, recharging for the next burst of activity. To fuel her fast-paced exercise, Moxie needs top-quality kitten-focused nutrition. Proper nourishment allows her body weight to double or triple within the first few weeks of her life. To get your little feline housemate started on the right foot, your Lawrenceville veterinarian will give her a complete physical exam and provide nutritional counseling.

High-Test Kitten Fuel

Moxie and your four-year-old cat Trixie have some similar nutritional requirements. Both felines need roughly the same portions of fats, some fatty acids, and several vitamins. However, your fast-growing kitten must have extra protein, amino acids, and other minerals and vitamins. Ideally, she should receive 30 percent of her energy from protein sources.

Your vet will recommend a tasty kitten blend that satisfies these higher nutritional requirements. Your little feline companion will consume this food until she becomes a “mature” cat. Of course, she’d love unlimited cat treats; however, snacks should make up only 5 percent of her daily calorie intake.

Multiple Feeding Sessions

Moxie and Trixie will have drastically different feeding schedules. Trixie’s a healthy girl who enjoys playing with her cat toys and chasing your dog through the house. She consumes two tasty, preplanned meals daily, giving her plenty of energy for her many activities.

In contrast, Moxie lives her young life in the fast lane. Occasionally, she takes breaks to eat, drink, urinate, defecate, or sleep. Because your kitten can’t satisfy her energy demands from one or two daily meals, you feed her three or four times each day.

Abundant Fresh Water

Your feline perpetual motion machine also needs plenty of fresh, clean water daily. By keeping her water bowl filled, you can help her stay hydrated for her many playtime sessions. Help her to avoid dehydration, as that can contribute to other medical conditions.

As Moxie grows into a healthy mature cat, your Lawrenceville veterinarian will provide her with regular checkups and a delicious adult feline diet. If you’d like your kitten to receive a good start in life, call us for an appointment.

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