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Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

April 15 2015

Did you know that April 30 is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day? Is it time for you to bring a new furbaby into your home? Have you considered adopting from a shelter? There are thousands of sweet, loving animals in shelters, and they are all in desperate need of good homes. By adopting from a shelter, you’re not only gaining a wonderful new pet, you’re also saving a life. In this article, your Lawrenceville vet offers tips on adopting shelter pets.


Pets often end up in shelters through no fault of their own. The reasons can be quite heartbreaking, as these sweet souls are scared, sad, and lonely in shelters, and often traumatized by the fact that their owners are no longer there for them. Some have run away or gotten lost, while others were abandoned. Circumstance, such as financial difficulty or even moves can also force some people to turn in their animal companions. Sadly, many animals are also turned in when they get old. There are also cases where animals were rescued from bad situations. While it may vary from case to case, and from shelter to shelter, you may be able to get some background information on a potential pet. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Medical Care

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you can rest assured that the animal is up to date on shots and vaccinations, and has been tested and, if needed, treated for parasites. This can save hundreds in veterinary care costs alone! Pets are also typically spayed or neutered before being put up for adoption.


Animals in shelters are usually put through behavioral testing. While this may not reveal every facet of a pet’s personality, you can find out if a dog is good with cats, for instance, or verify that Fido is good with kids. You’ll also get a chance to spend some quiet time with a pet, so you can get to know them a little before deciding.


Kittens and puppies are generally adopted much more quickly than older pets. We understand that people want to have the experience of raising a pet from ‘childhood’, but there are many sweet and loving adult and senior animals that would make absolutely wonderful pets.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us, your Lawrenceville veterinary clinic now!

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