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Your Dog Can Experience Symptoms of Stress

March 15 2015

Your terrier mix Archie is quite a social animal. This pint-sized canine packs a ton of personality, and he’s always adding to his circle of friends. When you visit the dog park or Farmer’s Market, you wait for several minutes until his fans have finished greeting him. Recently, though, you’ve seen a drastic change in your pooch’s actions. Although he could be developing a medical problem, he might be affected by stress. Tomorrow, your Grayson vet will examine your canine housemate and give him some behavioral counseling.

Decreased Appetite

Even though Archie doesn’t show it, he’s a ravenous eater who enjoys his kibbles. You’ve even seen him snatch the cat’s food. Recently, however, your hearty-eating dog has just been picking at his bowl, chewing a few bites before trotting away. You’re worried that he’s lacking nutrition, so you’d like the vet to determine if your dog is sick or is experiencing stress.

Sluggish, Antisocial Antics

Super-active Archie is like a black-and-white blur, running through the dog park at breakneck speed…over and over again. Lately, though, your battery-operated canine exercise machine doesn’t want to budge from his bed. When you can haul him outside for potty walks, he finishes his business and immediately heads for home without visiting his canine buddies. Ask your vet if stress has affected your dog’s energy level and interest in socializing with his peers.

Unusual Aggression

Your good-natured dog enjoys meeting new canine and human friends wherever he goes. He also has a remarkable tolerance level for cats, and you’ve never seen him get angry. However, this week you noticed him snap at two of his buddies; and he even showed his teeth to you. Ask the vet if stress is behind your dog’s drastic mood swings.

Exercise Is Important

If Archie’s in tip-top health, some extra exercise might help to combat his stress. Add more activities he enjoys; however, obtain the vet’s approval before introducing especially demanding sports, such as canine agility or flyball.

Create a Welcome Refuge

Fearless Archie might be stressed out by thunderstorms, fireworks, or loud parties, among other causes. Give him a peaceful refuge stuffed with his favorite toys and blanket; and remain with him until he becomes calmer.

Ask your Grayson vet for additional canine stress reduction suggestions. If your dog has experienced similar symptoms, call us for expert assistance.

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