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Help Your Feline Friend to Entertain Herself

March 1 2015

Your newly adopted cat Sally thinks she’s living at a five-star hotel. You’ve provided her with two comfy cat beds, a handcrafted collar, and all the cat toys she could ever desire. You’ve also given this lucky girl lots of personal playtime while she settled into your household routine. Since your vacation is almost over, though, Sally will soon be alone all day. You’ve asked your vet Lawrenceville to recommend activities she might enjoy. Consider these ideas as well.

Tasty, Tempting Treat Puzzles

Provide your clever, resourceful cat with a good mental challenge. Even better, make that challenge look like a treat puzzle. Buy a bag of vet-approved treats, and fill her puzzle toy with these desirable snacks. She’ll have to release a catch, or turn the toy a certain way, to reach her food. Besides her mental exercise and happy stomach, your cat will improve her muscle strength and coordination

Feline-Focused Workout Center

Every cat appreciates a plush carpeted cat tower/scratching post. Your feline housemate will love the multi-level tower with several observation platforms and a small sleeping nook. Add some dangling feathered bird toys, too. Even if space is limited, you can fit this portable playground into a small corner. Or, place the cat tree in front of your cat’s favorite bird-watching window.

Music to Calm the Savage Beast

Soothing instrumental music often seems to help nervous animals stay calm. Queue up numerous classical songs, as some animals respond well to pleasing strings and pianos. Avoid energetic music that features drums, trumpets, or other loud instruments. After all, you don’t want to get your cat all wound up while you’re not there to calm her down. If classical songs aren’t your cup of tea, a yoga or meditation track could also work.

Friendly Feline Companion

Maybe your feline family member would appreciate an agreeable playmate. If you can accommodate another cat, and Sally approves of your choice, they’ll happily entertain each other whether you’re there or not. Before you call the rescue group or run to the animal shelter, though, ask your vet if your cat will tolerate a new housemate. If he approves, look for a compatible companion within your city or town.

When Sally next visits your vet Lawrenceville, she’ll be a happy, well-adjusted girl who hardly even turns her head when you leave the house.

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