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Vaccinations for Your Kitten

August 1 2014

August is Immunization Awareness Month—do you know what vaccinations a healthy kitten needs? Learn more below from a Lawrenceville veterinary professional.

What are the Core Vaccines for Kittens?

Core vaccines are considered essential for all kittens because of the dangerous nature of the disease, contagion risk, or likelihood of exposure. They’re also a legal requirement in many areas. Core vaccines are usually administered together in a batch, and may include the calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, and rabies vaccinations.

Does My Kitten Require Non-Core Vaccines?

Non-core vaccines, then, are those that aren’t necessarily considered essential but may be needed for specific kittens based on risk of exposure and other factors. Common non-core shots include the Bordetella, feline immunodeficiency virus, and leukemia vaccinations. The best way to know what non-core vaccines your kitten may need is to consult your vet.

When do these Shots Need Updated?

Most important immunizations need yearly updates, often administered at a kitten’s yearly check-up appointment. Certain shots may only need boosters every three years or so; the rabies shot is commonly administered on this schedule. Your vet can tell you about the specifics for each vaccine.

Are There Any Risks?

Since vaccinations work by slightly stimulating a pet’s immune system, there is a small chance of minor health symptoms. If these do occur, though, they’re easily treatable. If you see your kitten displaying symptoms after vaccinations, let your vet know immediately. In the vast majority of cases, though, vaccination is completely without risk and well worth it to prevent serious diseases.

How Do I Get My Kitten the Proper Vaccines?

If your kitten needs core vaccines, non-core shots, or if you simply have more questions about your pet’s vaccination requirements, set up an appointment at your Lawrenceville vet’s office today. He or she can tell you what your kitten needs and start your pet on the path to great immunization health!

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