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Hiring a Pet Sitter for Your Vacation

July 15 2014

You can’t wait for your upcoming vacation. You’ve got your plane and hotel reservations, and you’ve even started your packing list. Now you’ve got to find a reputable pet sitter for your Yorkshire terrier Gizmo. Begin your search by contacting local pet sitters. Ask them about their credentials and insurance, and don’t hesitate to request references. Your Grayson veterinarian may also be able to recommend a few names.

Proper Introduction

Once you’ve chosen a pet-sitting professional, invite her to your home for a “Get Acquainted” session. Get an extra key made, and test it before leaving it with her. After all, you don’t want a panicked phone call while you’re sipping a cold drink on a Caribbean beach. Finally, make sure your pet sitter and Gizmo get a proper introduction. While that might not seem important with your friendly little Yorkie, imagine the sitter’s distress if she tried to enter your house without meeting your Great Dane or Rottweiler.

Pet Care Routine

Before your pet sitter arrives, write down Gizmo’s feeding instructions. Include feeding times, food types and portions, and even permitted treats. Include Gizmo’s medications and dosage instructions. Let the sitter know about Gizmo’s daily routine. Perhaps he gets two short walks each day, plus a longer walk to burn up some energy. Maybe the ill-tempered dog down the street frequently makes a run at Gizmo, and the dog’s not playing a friendly game of tag. Finally, tell your sitter about Gizmo’s favorite toys and inside games.

Keys and Contact Information

Give your pet sitter several different ways to contact you. Provide her with your mobile number and email address, if you check mail via your smart phone. Give her your itinerary, along with flight and hotel information. Leave another key with a trusted neighbor, so the pet sitter can access your house if something happens to her key. After all, you don’t want poor ittle Gizmo trapped inside your home without food, water, and potty breaks.

Most importantly, provide your pet sitter with your Grayson vet’s contact information, including the hospital’s operating hours. Add the phone number and directions for your area’s emergency veterinary facility. Finally, leave a credit card number on file, with charging instructions and limits, so your pet sitter can get Gizmo the vet care he might need. After all, you’d like to see your little guy happily greeting you when you return home.

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