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Things Cats Just Don’t Care About

September 15 2017

Cats are certainly very interesting pets. They are not only absolutely adorable, they’re chock full of cute –and often hilarious—quirks. Our feline pals are definitely larger than life! However, while Fluffy may be absolutely obsessed with her favorite box or your fuzzy slippers, there are some things she just really can’t be bothered to care about. A local Grayson, GA vet lists a few of them below.

Personal Space

As far as our feline overlords are concerned, we have absolutely no need for any personal space. Your furry pal may sleep on your head, or jump on your lap as you are in the middle of something. This applies to dogs, too: Fluffy has no shame whatsoever about stealing Fido’s bed!

Your Privacy

Cats also aren’t particularly concerned about privacy. Fluffy may even follow you into the bathroom!

Your Clothes

Kitties seem to think that clothes just look better with a little cat fur on them. Your cat may even have a special way of being extra cuddly when you are wearing something that will trap and attract pet fur.

Your Sleep

If you’ve ever been woken up by your furry friend smacking your face with a paw, well, you are not the only one. Fluffy may also decide to playfully pounce on your toes while you are sleeping.

Your Phone

No one is quite sure why, but cats just love knocking small objects off coffee tables and counters. We’re not sure how many phones have been broken this way, but it’s probably safe to say the numbers are at least in the double digits.


While some furballs run for their favorite hiding spots when they hear someone at the door, others won’t blink an eye when guests arrive. Some cats will even start grooming themselves in front of a room full of people!

Your Furniture

This one isn’t really Fluffy’s fault. After all, kitties have a very strong natural instinct to keep their claws sharp. That said, cats have been known to ignore their scratching posts, and use their humans’ favorite armchairs instead.


Kitties are very lithe and agile, and when they’re young, they are certainly full of zing. However, Fluffy seems to have her own rules when it comes to gravity and physics!

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