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Entertaining Your Pocket Pet

September 1 2017

Do you have a gerbil, hamster, or Guinea pig? These tiny furballs can make absolutely wonderful animal companions! Smaller pets are not only super cute, they are also quite easy to care for, which definitely a big plus. Just giving your little buddy proper food and a clean, comfy cage are the two most crucial things. However, it is also important to provide your pet with some suitable entertainment options. Here, Grayson, GA vet offers tips on entertaining your pocket pet.

Chew Toys

Most smaller pets have open-rooted teeth, which means their choppers never stop growing. Making sure your furry friend has plenty of suitable chew toys is very important! Many cardboard, wood, and wicker items can make great playthings. Plain paper is also safe. Just avoid giving your cute pet anything coated in paint, glitter, dye, or other decorative substances. (Tip: the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls make great chew toys.)

Mazes And Tunnels

Many smaller animals really enjoy exploring tunnels and mazes. You can buy mazes in pet stores, or just make your own out of cardboard boxes or PVC pipes. Just make sure the tunnels are big enough, so your miniature furball won’t get stuck.

Treat Toys

If there’s one thing all of our animal friends love, it’s snacks. Treat toys can be great for pocket pets! Crumple up a piece of paper around a yummy tidbit, or stuff some fresh herbs into a paper bag. Pets all have their own nutritional requirements, so ask your vet to recommend suitable snacks.

Exercise Wheels

Most pocket pets love running on exercise wheels. Just be sure to get a solid one. Wire wheels can cause serious injuries to tiny paws and tails!


There are definitely some pros and cons to runabouts. Some pets really enjoy their exercise balls, while others are frightened of them. If your pint-sized pal seems uneasy, don’t force him to use his runabout. Safety is also very important. Make sure to get a runabout that is the correct size for your pet, and supervise the little guy closely when he’s out and about. We also recommend limiting sessions to about 10-15 minutes at a time, and washing the runabout after every use. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about caring for your pocket pet? We can help! Contact us, your Grayson, GA animal clinic, today!

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