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Fluffy’s Holiday Plans

December 15 2016

The holiday season is officially upon us! Many people will be very busy for the next few weeks, shopping, decorating, cooking, and preparing for seasonal events. Your feline friend may also have a packed agenda! Below, a Grayson, GA vet discusses Fluffy’s holiday plans.

Climb The Tree

Fluffy may very well be delighted to suddenly find a tree in the middle of her domain. If you suspect that your playful furball may topple the tree, take a few preventative steps. Put the tree in a corner, and make sure it has a sturdy base. You may want to secure the top of the tree to a wall or ceiling with fishing wire. We also advise decorating the bottom part of the tree sparsely, and only with durable, safe, ornaments. Keep the fragile, shiny objects at the top.

Make Mischief

The holidays offer unlimited opportunities for cats to get themselves into trouble. Ribbons, tinsel, ornament hooks, string, scented candles, and decorations can all be dangerous to a playful feline. Many seasonal foods are also hazardous to our furry pals. Ask your vet for safety tips.

Help The Humans

Kitties are very thoughtful little furballs. Your cat may try to lend a helping paw with your giftwrapping, cooking, and decorating. If Fluffy’s assistance is doing more harm than good, distract her with a new toy.


Many frisky kitties will find themselves with cute new toys over the coming weeks. Fluffy will no doubt enjoy playing with her new things. Snap some pictures of your feline friend, and take time to play with her daily.

Explore Boxes

Opening gifts is a big highlight of many holiday festivities. However, for cats, the fun really starts after the presents have been opened. Fluffy may have a blast exploring all those empty boxes! Save a few boxes for your kitty. If you really want to pamper your pet, make her a little box castle!


Fluffy takes her beauty rest very seriously. Your kitty will be determined to keep up with her challenging napping schedule, even throughout the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Consider getting your drowsy pet a new bed to snuggle up in. Also, don’t be surprised if you find Fluffy snoozing under the tree. After all, cats are precious gifts!

Season’s Greetings! Please contact us, your local Grayson, GA animal hospital, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs!

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