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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pet Owners

November 15 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! While you’re enjoying your time of food, fun, and family, remember to keep your pet’s safety in mind as well. Your Grayson, GA veterinarian offers a few helpful tips below.

Beware of Toxic Foods

Plenty of human foods that you might use during the holidays aren’t good for pets. The list includes onions, garlic, chives, leeks, shallots, grapes and raisins, chocolate, candy, gum, caffeinated foods and beverages, salty items, and fatty foods. Never allow your pet access to these foods.

Bones, whether cooked or raw, are another no-no for pets during Thanksgiving. As tempting as it may be to slip your pet a turkey or ham bone, remember that bones can splinter apart when chewed, creating dangerous shards. Give your pet a safe chew toy or rawhide treat instead.

Keep an Eye on the Garbage

Your holiday garbage bag—especially after mealtime is over—is chock-full of things that pets shouldn’t get their paws on. The garbage may contain coffee grounds, bones, toxic foods, fatty aluminum foil, various choking hazards, and more. Either secure the garbage bag inside of a hard plastic container or place it somewhere that pets don’t go.

Alcohol Awareness

Will your Thanksgiving celebration include alcoholic beverages? Keep in mind that alcohol of all types—beer, liquor, wine, champagne, even certain foods cooked with alcohol—can prove very dangerous for our animal friends. Pay attention to all alcoholic beverages at your holiday gathering to make sure your pet doesn’t have a chance to imbibe. Never give your pet alcohol of any sort on purpose.

Seasonal Decorations

Common autumn decorations like pumpkins, gourds, and fall corn aren’t necessarily toxic to our animal companions. However, they can be chewed apart into chunks, creating a choking hazard. Plus, ingesting too much of any foreign substance may cause a pet to experience upset stomach or vomiting. Don’t let your pet near your Thanksgiving decorations, just to be safe.

Animal Anxiety Tips

If a lot of guests are coming to your home this holiday, your pet may become overwhelmed in the moment. It may be helpful to set up a “safe zone” just for your cat or dog, complete with a pet bed, a few favorite toys, and a soft blanket. Lead Fido or Fluffy there if you see them becoming anxious.

Want more tips for keeping pets safe on Thanksgiving? Contact your Grayson, GA vet.

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