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Adorable Tricks You Can Teach Your Guinea Pig

July 15 2016

Everyone knows that dogs can learn come cute tricks, but did you know that Guinea pigs can also learn to obey simple vocal commands? These cute little pets can actually learn some fun and adorable tricks! Read on as a local Lawrenceville, GA vet lists some cute tricks you can teach your pet Guinea pig, or cavy, as they are sometimes called.

Coming When Called By Name

Teaching your cavy to come when called may be easier than you think. Just hold out a treat, and say your Guinea pig’s name. Many cavies pick this one up very quickly!

Turn In Circles

This one is super cute! To teach your cavy how to turn in circles, hold up a yummy treat. When your pet goes for his snack, move your hand in a circle. Chances are, your pint-sized buddy will follow. When he does, tell him to turn in circles.

Go Home

Teaching your Guinea pig to return to his cage on command is not only adorable: it can also be very useful! Start by laying out some tempting snacks in a line that leads to your pet’s cage door. When the little guy goes for them, say ‘Go Home’ or ‘Go Back Into Your Cage’ as he is eating.

Jump Through Hoops

This one is very cute to watch! Hold out a treat and a hoop, positioning them so that your furry pal has to go through the hoop to get the treat. When he does, tell him to jump. In time, you will be able to start raising the hoop off the ground a little.


Give your adorable pet time to get to know you and learn to trust you before trying to teach him tricks. When teaching vocal commands, you don’t necessarily have to say the command before your pet acts, at least at first. Reward and repetition will help your cavy form a positive association between the spoken words and the desired action. As time goes by, your cavy will respond to the phrase. However, even after your Guinea pig has learned a trick, continue to offer rewards from time to time. Just remember to be consistent: use the same phrasing each time.

Do you have any questions about your cavy’s health or care? Contact us, your Lawrenceville, GA animal clinic, today! We are happy to help!

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