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Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Pet

July 1 2016

Pets are much more than furry little roommates: they’re important parts of our lives and families. Capturing that cute furry face in a photo can be a bit tricky, however. In this article, a local Lawrenceville, GA vet offers some helpful tips for getting great pictures of your pet.

Shoot At Dawn Or Dusk

Many photographers like to shoot at sunrise or sunset, so they can take full advantage of great natural light.

Snap At Eye Level

You may find that you get better photos when you are crouching down or lying on your stomach. Choose a position that allows you to shoot face-to-face, instead of pointing the camera down at your furry pal.

Brush The Furball

Get your furkid camera-ready with a good grooming session. A thorough brushing will remove dead fur and dander from your pet’s coat, so it will look soft and shiny.

Use A Noise App

Does your pet have a habit of looking adorable, but then moving as soon as you reach for your phone or camera? Download an app for taking pet pictures. Many of these make cute little sounds that will capture your furry friend’s attention.

Camera Settings

If you want to get an action shot of your dog chasing a toy, or your kitty playing with a catnip mouse, use the fastest settings. Another trick that may help is to focus on Fido or Fluffy’s eyes. You may need to change your camera settings to single focus to do this.

Small Pets

For pocket pets, use the macro setting if you have one, rather than the zoom. You’ll also want to shoot into your tiny furball’s cage from an angle to avoid glare.


Use toys to get your four-legged buddy’s attention. You may want to enlist a helper to throw the ball for Fido or dangle that feather toy for Fluffy. That way, you can concentrate on getting pictures.


Keep an eye on the background: you don’t want to take pet photos in a cluttered space. Try to avoid shooting in rooms with harsh or bright overhead lights. Also, look for a spot that contrasts with your furry pal’s coat.

Is your four-legged buddy due for vaccines or an exam? Contact us today! As your local Lawrenceville, GA animal hospital, we are here to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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