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Keeping Your Cat Indoors

March 15 2016

Do you let your cat go outside? Fluffy may really enjoy chasing butterflies, sunning herself, and, of course, hunting, but your feline pal will be both safer and healthier as an indoor pet. In this article, a Lawrenceville, GA veterinarian offers tips on keeping your kitty inside.

The Dangers of Going Outdoors

Cats that are allowed outside face many dangers, from cars to predators to other kitties. Fluffy is also much more likely to pick up dangerous parasites if she goes outdoors, and is at a much higher risk of getting lost, hurt, or even killed!

Breaking The News To the Furball

If you tell your pet why she has to stay inside, you’ll probably only get a cute meow in response. If Fluffy has been allowed outdoors before, she’ll likely sniff around the door, hoping to slip out. You’ll need to get your cat to understand that the indoor life can be quite grand for a kitty!

Making Inside Life Fun

It really doesn’t take much to turn your home into Fluffy’s version of a luxury mansion. Offer your sleepy pet lots of soft beds to nap in. We also recommend giving your kitty a comfy spot before a window with a good view of your yard, so she can watch birds and squirrels.


If you have a screened-in patio, you can turn it into a catio with just a few quick changes. Buy or make some kitty furniture for your feline friend. Then, add some pet-safe plants, like rubber tree plants, so Fluffy can feel like she’s outside. Include lots of fun toys, and perhaps some cat grass.

Discouraging Breakouts

If your kitty keeps trying to get outside, you’ll want to make her wary of the door without hurting or scaring her. When your adventurous furball approaches the door, squirt her with water, or make a loud noise with a bike horn or alarm app. Fluffy will likely be startled enough to run away from the door.


Take time to play with your frisky pet every day. Even just a few minutes of pouncing and batting at a toy bird on a string or chasing the dot from a laser pointer can satisfy your furry little athlete’s need to hunt.

Do you have questions about your kitty’s health, care, or behavior? We can help! Call us, your Lawrenceville, GA animal clinic, today!

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