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5 Adorable Ways to Spoil a Gerbil

March 1 2016

Have you recently adopted a gerbil? These little furballs may be small, but they have big personalities! Just like any other animal, gerbils need a proper diet and a comfortable habitat to thrive, but if you want to go above and beyond, and spoil your pet a bit, read on! A local Lawrenceville, GA vet offers some tips on how to spoil your gerbil in this article.


Wild gerbils live in large families, which are known as clans, and are rarely, if ever, alone. Your tiny pet may feel sad, lonely, or anxious without any friends. Therefore, we recommend getting at least two gerbils. Choose same-sex pairs, as otherwise you may find yourself with more pets than you expected! Ask your vet for advice on introducing and re-introducing your furry pals.

Comfy Cage

Make sure your adorable pet has a comfortable cage. We recommend getting at least a 10-gallon tank for one pair of gerbils. Add a suitable substrate, such as aspen. Your little buddy will also need a cozy hidey-hole. Since gerbils like to look around, a climbing rock is also a good addition.


Tunnels, mazes, and labyrinths are very popular with these little ones. You can buy tunnels for your tiny furball, or you can make your own out of PVC pipe or plastic tubing. Also, when setting up your gerbil’s cage, alternate the substrate with fresh grass hay to make it easier for your pint-sized pal to dig and burrow.


Offer your gerbil plenty of fun toys. An exercise wheel is a good option. Just choose a solid one: wire wheels can hurt your gerbil’s tiny paws. You’ll also want to provide plenty of chewable playthings. Many wood, cardboard, and paper items can be upcycled into fun toys. Avoid anything with sharp edges, small pieces, or dangling threads, as well as anything covered in varnish, paint, or dye.


Most pets love treats, and gerbils are no exception. While you don’t want to overindulge your little buddy with fatty snacks, you can offer special tidbits now and then. Small bits of cheese, eggs, or cooked meat are fine. You can also offer your pet the occasional mealworm. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations.

Do you have any questions or concerns about gerbil care? Contact us, your Lawrenceville, GA animal hospital, today! We are happy to help.

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