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Change a Pet’s Life Day

January 15 2016

January 24th is Change A Pet’s Life Day. This is a great time to pause and think about our wonderful animal friends. Pets make our homes and lives complete, and offer a wonderful gift: unconditional love. Those tail wags, purrs, and cuddles are pretty great, too! Many beloved family pets have been rescued from bad situations and given second chances. If you have adopted a furbaby, you’ve made the world a better place! A local Lawrenceville, GA vet discusses this special occasion in this post.

Helping A Rescued Pet Adjust

There is an old saying that when you help an animal, you won’t change the world, but you will change the world for that one animal. If you’ve recently adopted a pet, you’re starting a wonderful journey of friendship and love with your new four-legged buddy. Give your furry new friend time to settle in by starting them out in a quiet room with toys, food, bedding, and treats. Don’t force affection on your pet: let your new furbaby come to you for attention. You may start getting tail wags or purrs in no time!

Helping Animals In Need

If you know of a pet that needs help, contact local rescues or authorities and let them know. In most cases, you should have the option of reporting the situation anonymously, which can help reduce or eliminate concerns about retribution. You can help homeless animals in other ways, too. Spread the word on social media about a special pet that needs a forever home, or donate time, money, or supplies to shelters and rescues.

Celebrate Your Pet

This is a great day to carve out some special quality time with your furry best friend. Take Fido for an extra-long walk or a trip to the doggy park, then offer him a special snack or a new toy. If you have a kitty, a can of tuna and a new catnip mouse may get that little motor going. Pocket pets can enjoy special treats or suitable chew toys. Of course, making sure your furry pal is healthy is also a great way to keep them comfortable and happy. If your little buddy hasn’t seen a vet in a while, let this be a reminder to schedule an appointment.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health? Call us, your Lawrenceville, GA animal hospital, today!

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