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Tips for Leaving Your Cat at Home When You Travel

January 1 2016

Are you planning on traveling this year? If you have a kitty, you may choose to leave Fluffy at home while you’re away. One of our feline friends’ many wonderful qualities is the fact that they are quite independent! As a responsible pet parent, however, you’ll still need to take some precautions to keep your furball happy and healthy in your absence. Below, a local Lawrenceville, GA vet offers advice on leaving Fluffy home alone.


Before leaving, make sure to secure or remove anything your cat could possibly hurt herself on. Unplug all of your appliances, secure drape cords and wires, and remove any small items, like buttons, that could choke or entangle your pet. You’ll also want to remove anything with sharp edges or dangling threads. Don’t leave Fluffy with open boxes or anything she could tip over and/or get stuck underneath.


Ask a friend or family member to check on Fluffy, scoop out her litterbox, and refresh her food and water. We recommend having someone stop over at least every other day.


Take advantage of modern technology: consider installing a video camera, so you can monitor your feline friend from your smartphone while you’re away.


Canned food spoils quickly, so we recommend leaving Fluffy with lots of dry food instead. As for water, fill several bowls, just in case one gets knocked over or soiled. Of course, you can also get your kitty an automated waterer.


Make sure Fluffy has plenty of fun toys to play with, and at least one comfy spot with a good window view. Just be sure not to leave out any string or wand toys your kitty could get entangled in.


Leave a radio or TV playing softly. The sound will soothe Fluffy, and help keep her from getting lonely. Keep at least one light on, preferably a ceiling light that can’t get knocked over.

Coming Home

Don’t be surprised if your furball is super affectionate when you get home. Kitties are independent, but many of them get anxious and lonely when left alone. Spend some time with Fluffy, and give her lots of cuddles.

All of us here at your Lawrenceville, GA veterinary hospital want to wish you a wonderful new year! Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care.

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