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Why is My Cat Meowing and Crying So Much?

November 1 2014

You’d like to nominate your Siamese cat Jasmine for the Feline Vocalizer of the Year Award. For the past several weeks, Jasmine has worked hard to earn that honor, meowing loudly at all hours of the day (and night). Sometimes Jasmine even starts crying and wailing. While you know high-energy cat breeds, like Jasmine, often engage in over-the-top meowing and crying episodes, that knowledge doesn’t help you sleep at night. You’re asking your Grayson veterinarian to determine what’s behind Jasmine’s antics, and devise a plan to make her quiet down.

Raucous Racket Specifics

You have a very good description of Jasmine’s vocalizations; you should, since you hear them almost non-stop. Incessant meowing and crying…sometimes wailing and yowling…you’ve heard it all. And since Jasmine’s almost 11 years old, she’s getting into senior felinehood, making her even more likely to carry on all night. If Jasmine was at the other end of the age spectrum, she’d probably meow and scream while mating, too.

Cause of the Deafening Din

First, your vet wants to evaluate Jasmine so he can rule out a medical problem. She’ll get a complete physical exam, and your vet will likely perform varied tests as well. If Jasmine’s healthy, maybe she has recently lost her favorite feline or human companion, and she’s expressing her sadness.

On the other hand, Jasmine could have an entirely selfish motive behind her behavior: she just craves attention. Or, perhaps other recent incidents have combined to send Jasmine over the cliff. If you have multiple cats, Jasmine might be locked in combat with other felines who want to assert control over your household. Jasmine’s excessive vocalization is just one tactic in an epic territory battle.

Treating Your Rambunctious Cat

First, your vet will address Jasmine’s existing medical condition. Next, he’ll likely tell you to avoid reinforcing Jasmine’s behavior. For example, don’t comfort or punish her when she launches into a tirade. When Jasmine eventually calms down, reward her for that behavior. Believe it or not, cat obedience training can also make a difference. Finally, ask your vet if Jasmine’s behavioral issue will benefit from medication.

Your Grayson vet wants to resolve Jasmine’s excessive vocalization issue, and he’ll tweak her treatment plan until she gets back to normal. He’ll be happy to hear that you’re getting a good night’s sleep again.

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