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Pet Hazards in Autumn

October 15 2014

Finally, the hot summer weather is dissipating and the cooler breezes of fall have arrived. Is your pet ready for the various hazards that come with this season? Learn more below from a Grayson veterinarian.

Rodenticides and Pesticides

As small rodents and insects infiltrate our homes to seek warmth, we often combat the problem with poisons, called rodenticides and pesticides. Don’t forget that these substances aren’t only lethal to the pests—they can harm our beloved companion animals as well! Place pesticides with extreme caution, out of your pet’s reach, and consider pet-safe alternatives like traps wherever possible.


Fall is a good time of year to change the coolant in your car’s engine, but remember that antifreeze is a very common pet toxin. It contains ethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting alcoholic substance that’s very dangerous to pets. Keep pets inside when using it on your car, and clean up any spills right away. Store the chemical on a high shelf where pets can’t get to it.


In the fall, snakes are preparing to hibernate for the winter. This means that they don’t want to be disturbed, and will be quite grumpy if an uninvited guest stumbles across them! Supervise your pet closely when outdoors, and don’t let them explore in tall grasses, heavy underbrush, near rock piles, or anywhere else snakes are likely to take up residence. Ask your vet what poisonous varieties of snakes are common in your area.

Wild Mushrooms

Even though only about one percent of wild mushrooms are actually toxic, it’s not worth taking the risk of your pet ingesting one. Plus, even benign mushrooms could be sprayed with lawn fertilizer or other chemicals that aren’t good for pets. Keep your furry friend away from all mushrooms in your yard.

Indoor Heating Devices

As it gets chillier, you might set up heating devices indoors to keep the cool air at bay. Don’t let pets linger too close to portable heaters, because they can easily get burnt! Make sure your pet lays a safe distance away if they like lounging in the warmth.

Want more helpful autumn safety tips to keep your pet happy this season? Call your Grayson vet’s office today.

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