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Paw-Care Tips for Dog Owners

September 1 2014

When you think about it, your dog’s paws are her main contact with the world. They also allow her to do just about everything, from walking to scratching to feeling. As such, it’s important to keep them healthy! Use your Lawrenceville vet’s tips, found below, to keep your dog’s paws in tip-top-shape.

Clean Between the Toes

It’s very easy for foreign objects like burrs, pebbles, twigs, stones, and chips of plastic or metal to get stuck in between your dog’s toes. In most cases, it’s easy enough to remove these items with a pair of tweezers. If an object is embedded in the skin and you can’t easily remove it, though, be sure to contact your vet. Every time your dog comes in from the outdoors, check the paws for any objects that shouldn’t be there.

Trim Longer Paw Hairs

Some dogs have long hair around the paws, which can get matted and tangled. Plus, it increases the likelihood that something will get caught there. It’s fine to carefully trim longer hairs with a pair of scissors—sit down with your pooch in a quiet area and trim one paw at a time.

Regular Nail Trims

Nail trims are also essential for your dog’s paw health. When claws become too long, they can fracture painfully or get snagged in things. Use a dog-specific nail trimmer to keep your dog’s claws blunted properly.

Avoid Seasonal Hazards

In the summer, asphalt can heat up to extremely high temperatures. When a dog walks on it, the pads of her paws can be burnt painfully! In the wintertime, chemical de-icers, road salt, and freezing ice can all irritate the pads and paws as well. Do whatever you can to help your dog avoid these seasonal hazards.

Moisturize Dry Pads

Do your hands occasionally get cracked and dry? So can your dog’s paw pads! Visit your local pet shop or vet’s office to look for a canine paw-pad moisturizer. Don’t use human hand moisturizer, as it may be too strong for your dog.

Contact your Lawrenceville veterinarian for more information on keeping your dog’s paws healthy.

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