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Kitten-Proofing Your Home

April 1 2014

Ready to bring home that adorable ball of fluff known as a new kitten? Make sure your home is prepared as well! Here, your Lawrenceville veterinarian offers some helpful tips.

Look Around the Home

Check every room of your house that your kitten will have access to. Make note of potential hazards and take steps to eliminate them. These might include loose cords and wires, air vents, plastic bags, exposed candles, fireplaces, or tight spots where a kitten could get stuck.

Put Food Away

Many human foods are highly toxic to pets, and you need to take steps to restrict your kitten’s access to them. Avoid chocolate, candy and gum sweetened with xylitol, avocado, onions, garlic, and alcoholic substances. Don’t leave any harmful foods out on counters or tabletops where a curious kitten could reach it—instead, keep it in a closed refrigerator or locked cabinet.

Check for Poisons

Just about every home has various potential poisons, from insecticides and pest control products to cleaning solutions. Keep all cleaning products in a closed closet, and consider alternative pest-control methods that don’t use poison.

Remember that several house plants and flowers are toxic to pets—lilies in particular are highly poisonous to cats, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other serious symptoms if ingested. Take steps to keep these dangerous flowers and other hazardous plants away from your new kitten.

Family Meeting

Before your kitten comes home, hold a quick family meeting. Make sure that everyone in the house knows the protocol for keeping your cat safe, including what rooms she can and can’t go in, what she’ll be eating, and what hazards to watch out for.

Ensure that young children interact with the kitten safely—some kids may not know to leave the cat alone during feeding times or how to properly handle the pet. Ask your Lawrenceville veterinarian for further advice on this.

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