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How to Keep Your Guinea Pig’s Cage from Smelling

February 15 2014

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets, but one of their downsides is that their cages are typically rather smelly. What’s the best way to keep them smelling fresh? You guessed it—cleaning! Learn how to cut down the odor using these steps from a Grayson veterinary professional.

Move Your Pig

First things first—move your guinea pig to a safe secondary location while you’re cleaning the cage. You may have a back-up cage just for this purpose, or simply use a plastic storage bin with a bit of food and water. Keep an eye on your pig while he’s in there, and keep any curious cats or dogs away.

Wash Cage Accessories

Remove your guinea pig’s water and food dishes, as well as any toys or other accessories, from his main cage and clean them thoroughly using soap and hot water. Rinse them completely and let them air dry.

Remove Bedding

Using a scraper or spatula, scrape all the old bedding from your pig’s cage into a garbage bag and dispose of it. You may need to use a razor blade or other sharp object to loosen tough spots.

Wash Cage

Now you’re ready to wash your guinea pig’s cage. Do it in your sink or even outside if it’s warm enough. Put some liquid soap in the bottom of the cage and use a sponge and hard-bristled brush to thoroughly scrub the bottom. Again, use your scraper or blade to get rid of crusty spots. Once you’re done, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Dry the cage completely with towels or a hair dryer. Sprinkle the bottom of the cage with a bit of baking soda—this will help absorb odors and keep the offensive scents to a minimum.


Spread a layer of fresh bedding in the bottom of your guinea pig’s cage. Replace all dishes and accessories and reintroduce your pet to his newly fresh-smelling cage! Consult your Grayson veterinarian for more helpful tips and other ways to control your pig’s cage odor.

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