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Reasons to Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig

March 1 2018

Did you know that March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month? These lovable small pets make great animal companions! In fact, Guinea pigs—also known as cavies—are really quite charming. Read on as a local Grayson, GA vet lists some great reasons to adopt a rescued Guinea pig.

They’re Adorable!

First things first: Guinea pigs are super cute. They are basically tiny balls of fur that like to run and play, and make some adorable sounds. You can’t help but smile when watching these little guys!

They’re Inexpensive

As far as pets go, Guinea pigs are quite inexpensive. Your cavy will need a good cage, of course, as well as food, but keeping your furry friend comfortable and healthy probably won’t break your budget.

They Can Learn Tricks

Guinea pigs are actually quite intelligent, and are capable of learning simple tricks. You may be able to teach your pint-sized pet to turn in circles, go into their cage on command, or jump through hoops.

Small Animals Need Love Too

We believe that animals of all shapes and sizes deserve to be healthy and happy. If you’re an animal lover, you may wish that you could help every homeless pet in the world. If adopting a dog or cat is a bit too much right now, consider giving a Guinea pig a good forever home. Every little bit helps!

They’re Gentle

Guinea pigs are very popular as children’s pets, and with good reason. These cute furballs are quite gentle, and can actually be very cuddly!

No Training Required

While cats usually train their humans, rather than the other way around, dogs need quite a bit of education. Cavies, however, don’t need any training at all, though, as mentioned above, you can teach them some tricks.

They’re Quiet

Guinea pigs do make some noise—basically little chirrups, purrs, and squeaks—but they aren’t very loud. You won’t have to worry about your cavy keeping your neighbors up!


While cavies have many wonderful qualities, before adopting one, make sure you are ready to commit to your pet for its entire life. You’ll also want to do plenty of research, and find out how to keep your furry buddy happy and healthy.

Please contact us, your Grayson, GA pet clinic, for all of your Guinea pig’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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