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Adorable Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

February 1 2018

Kitties are definitely very adorable pets. These little furballs have a special way of melting our hearts with their cute faces and amusing quirks. While Fluffy has many charming qualities, one of the most endearing is the fact that she has some very interesting ways of showing affection. A Grayson, GA vet lists some of them below.


The purr has to be one of the cutest things about kitties. Fluffy actually vibrates with happiness! How cute is that?

Sleeping On Top Of You

Does your feline pal sleep on your lap? Does Fluffy nap on your pillow, or cuddle up beside you? Even more aloof cats often like to snuggle with—or at least near—their humans. Purring kitties make great sleep aids!

Following You Around

Fluffy can get very attached to her people, and often likes to follow her humans around. Your furball may even try to go into the bathroom with you!

Biting You

Fluffy does tend to think of her people as giant cat toys at times. If your playful pet gives you a light nip, and then starts licking your hand, she’s not attacking: she’s just giving love bites. (Tip: to break this habit, try blowing in your cat’s face when she does this. Then, just ignore her for a while.)

Rubbing Against Your Legs

Although, yes, Fluffy is leaving her scent on you when she rubs against your legs, she’s only doing that because she loves you! (Or, possibly, because she wants breakfast right meow.)

Eating Your Hair

If your furball sometimes nibbles on your hair, take it as a compliment: Fluffy is trying to groom you, in her own kitty way!


It’s always nice to settle in with a good book or movie and a purring cat. However, when that purring cat starts kneading you, kitty cuddle time can become a bit painful. When Fluffy does this, it’s a sign that she thinks of you as her pet parent. Kittens do this while nursing, as it stimulates milk flow.

Belly Rolls

Does your furball sometimes flip over and let you rub her belly? This is huge! Cats only do this when they really trust people. After all, that furry tummy is Fluffy’s most vulnerable spot.

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