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Fluffy’s Terrible Twos

May 1 2016

Do you have a kitten? Congratulations! Kittens are undoubtedly among the most adorable things on the planet! We’re guessing it won’t take your new furbaby long to charm the socks off you. You do have some pet parenting in front of you, however: baby felines have an amazing capacity for mischief, and can definitely keep you on your toes. Below, a Lawrenceville, GA veterinarian offers advice on getting through your furry friend’s adorable toddler phase.

Midnight Zoomies

Does your furball wake you up by batting her favorite toy around in the middle of the night? Little Fluffy may sleep a lot, but when she’s awake, she’ll want to play. To circumvent these late-night shenanigans, tire your frisky pet out with a fun, vigorous play session before bedtime. After your furball is done playing, give her a late dinner. We probably don’t have to tell you what happens when kittens are both tired and full, but we can promise it’s really cute!


Your furry pal will want to investigate every inch of her new domain, as well as everything in it. This can lead your adorable little explorer right into trouble! You’ll need to do a bit of kittenproofing to keep little Fluffy safe. Remove or secure toxic plants; wires and cords; plastic bags; and any small items that could possibly choke her. You’ll also want to keep poisonous items, such as medicines, cleaning agents, and chemicals, in secure cabinets. Of course, you may still find yourself plucking your precocious pet from your curtains, or rescuing her from a cupboard. Kittens certainly can be a handful! Don’t worry: your feline friend’s toddler stage will pass quickly.


Your adorable little furball is actually a ferocious hunter by nature. While your kitten is figuring out how to be a cat, she may think that it’s great fun to practice her pouncing and biting skills on you. Don’t let your furry buddy grow up thinking you’re a giant cat toy! This behavior may be cute now, but it can be very dangerous in adult cats. Discourage your feline friend from roughhousing by telling her No in a firm tone of voice, and then ignoring her. You can also try using a taste deterrent, which can be found in most pet stores.

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