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Canine Obesity

April 1 2016

Is your pooch getting, well, a bit chubby? If so, Fido is certainly in good company: by some estimates, over half of our canine buddies are overweight. Those extra pounds can seriously threaten your beloved pet’s health! Read on as a local Lawrenceville, GA vet discusses canine obesity.

Dangers of Obesity

Obesity can cause or contribute to many serious health problems in dogs, including heart disease, liver trouble, skin problems, kidney issues, diabetes, and cancer. If Fido is overweight, those extra pounds will also put additional stress on his bones and joints, increasing his chances of developing painful conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.


Diet is one of the main factors that determine Fido’s weight. Portion control is very important here: overfeeding your pooch by just a little bit every day can cause him to quickly start packing on the pounds. Give your pup the best food you can afford, but don’t overfeed him. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Your dog’s activity levels play a large role in his weight, as well as in his overall health. Your canine pal’s exact exercise needs will depend on his age, breed, and health, so ask your vet for recommendations. Most dogs need at least a daily walk. You can also keep your furry friend moving with fun games like fetch.


We really can’t address canine obesity without discussing Fido’s remarkable talent for scoring himself extra snacks. Man’s Best Friend has stood by our sides for thousands of years, and we’re guessing it didn’t take him very long to master that sad, soulful stare that tugs at our heartstrings. Don’t fall for it! You really aren’t doing your pet any favors by spoiling him. If you just can’t resist Fido’s theatrics, pull a bait-and-switch on him, and give him a carrot.

Helping Fido Lose Weight

Is your canine buddy turning into a furry little butterball? If so, you’ll want to consult your vet, and get specific recommendations for Fido’s diet and exercise regimen. Never put your pooch on a crash diet: this is very dangerous for pets, could make your furry pal very sick! Just like people, dogs must lose weight slowly to drop pounds without endangering their health.

Is your dog overdue for veterinary care? We can help! Please contact us, your local Lawrenceville, GA animal clinic, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs.

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