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Caring for a Brachycephalic Dog

November 1 2015

Do you have a Brachycephalic pup? The word Brachycephalic may sound technical, but it actually refers to dogs with those adorable pushed-in faces, like pugs and Boxers. Brachys can make absolutely wonderful pets: they’re super cute, and usually have sweet, lovable temperaments. Brachys do have some very specific care requirements and health concerns that pet parents should be aware of, however. A Lawrenceville, GA vet discusses caring for these charming pups in this article.

Health Concerns

Brachys often have rather adorable bug eyes, but because they have such shallow eye sockets, they often have eye problems. Watch your pet closely for signs of eye trouble, such as squinting, watering, or dry eyes. Dental issues are also not uncommon in these cute pups. Those small mouths get crowded quickly with all those teeth! Brachys have very small nostrils, which makes them very susceptible to respiratory issues. They can’t pant as effectively as other dogs, so they can easily overheat or lose their breath. Last but not least, these lovable canines are high-risk anesthesia patients, and have elevated risks of complications from anesthesia.

Caring For Your Pup

We recommend using a harness rather than a collar on your brachy, to reduce the chances of respiratory distress. If your pup has facial skin folds, he may be susceptible to yeast infections, so be sure to keep that adorable furry face clean. Be careful not to overexert your canine pal, especially in hot weather. In summer, walk Fido in the morning or evening, when it’s cooler out, and keep him cool and comfortable indoors as much as possible. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight is also very important, as obesity can cause serious health issues, and can also increase the dangers from the health concerns we mentioned above. Proper dental care is also crucial to your brachy’s health. Be sure to keep those little choppers in good shape!

Veterinary Care

Because brachys have a higher risk of developing certain health problems, proper veterinary care is crucial to your pup’s health. Make sure Fido visits his veterinarian regularly for thorough examinations. You may also want to consider a wellness plan: they allow you to budget your pet’s veterinary care, and can even save you money. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your brachy? Call us, your Lawrenceville, GA vet clinic, anytime!

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