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10 Home Decorating Ideas for Dog Owners

January 1 2015

Dogs are many things to us: friends, companions, guardians, and roommates. When it comes to housecleaning, your furry pal might mean a bit of extra work, but he’s well worth it! In this article from your local veterinarian Lawrenceville, you’ll read about some great design tips for people with dogs!

Spiff Up Your Storage

Fido may rack up quite a few possessions before you realize it. Rather than have his treats, toys, leashes, collars, food, and blankets scattered all about, get a cute wicker basket or a storage ottoman just for him.

Baby Blankets

Whether Fido uses his own bed or sleeps on the furniture, or both, some of his fur will inevitably end up in his sleeping areas. Use baby blankets or fleece throws that match your décor as covers. They’re easy to toss in the wash, and you can change them out seasonally if you like.


The vacuum is your friend! Investing in a great vacuum will make keeping your house clean much easier.

Choose Hard Flooring

Wall to wall carpeting or expensive area rugs may become worn quickly with all those paws running back and forth. Choose hardwood flooring or ceramic tile instead, and use smaller, stain-proofed area rugs for accents.

Stain-Proof Your Upholstery

Choose furniture that is made of a stain-resistant material, or treat your furniture to make it stain-proof.

Build a Dog Run

If you want to give Fido yard access, but keep him away from certain areas, such as your grilling or pool areas, or a child’s play area, use fencing to section off your pooch’s portion of the yard. Having an access point at one specific door will make letting him in and out a snap, and keep him from making ‘deposits’ in specific areas. Line the other side of the dog run with attractive, non-toxic plants and bushes to make the yard more attractive.

Make Fido’s Crate Do Double Duty

Used properly, crates are wonderful tools, but they aren’t always pretty. Hang a tablecloth over Fido’s crate, or combine it with a table so the crate serves two purposes.

Decorate Fido’s Outdoor Dishes

Why not set Fido’s outdoor water dishes inside an attractive urn?

Build Puppy A Pantry

Upcycle an old armoire, or get a cabinet just for Fido’s food, toys, and dishes!

Give Fido His Own Hook

Rather than keep Fido’s leash on a side table or counter, get him his very own hook!

Do you have any questions about caring for your dog? We are happy to help! Please contact us, your local vet clinic Lawrenceville, any time we can be of assistance.

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