Nutrition & Weight Management

“Our pets rely on us entirely for their nutrition. So if you’re making your own judgments that could lead to a mistake.” ~ Alison Sweeney

If our pets could choose their own diets, they probably wouldn’t make the wisest decisions. That’s why, as a caring pet parent, it’s up to you to make sure that what your animal companion is eating meets his or her needs in every way. The problem is, if you’ve ever tried to interpret the label on your pet’s food, you were probably left with more questions than answers.

So, how can you truly know that what you’re feeding your companion is really meeting all of their nutritional needs? What about weight? Are you confident that the number on the scale is really where it should be?

What you need is the guidance of an expert – someone who understands pet nutrition and can provide you with a customized plan for your pet’s specific needs. You need the team at Dogwood Animal Hospital! Our nutritional counseling and weight management services are designed to help your four-legged friend achieve optimum health for life!

Our nutritional counseling begins with a detailed analysis of your pet’s health and lifestyle. We’ll conduct an exam and take into account such important factors as age, breed, current weight and whether there are any existing health problems to consider. Once we’ve gathered all of the information we need, we’ll be able to pinpoint your pet’s precise nutritional needs and develop a customized food plan that will meet those needs most effectively.

Next we’ll work on your companion’s weight. Many loving pet parents fail to consider that those few extra pounds could actually be placing their furry friend in harm’s way. Pets that are overweight are much more susceptible to developing a number of serious medical conditions, some of which can be life threatening. Conversely, underweight animals are more prone to injury and illness. We’ll work with you to define a target weight range, as well as a plan for helping your pet achieve and maintain that goal weight.

Finally, there’s the all-important maintenance aspect. As animals age, their bodies change, as do their nutritional needs and weight control requirements. It’s important that we revisit your pet’s diet and exercise plan from time to time to make sure that it’s still as effective as it was designed to be. That way if changes need to be made, we can make them on a consistent and timely basis for optimum results.

You adore your pet and truly want to see them happy and healthy. Don’t take chances on something as important as nutrition. Let the team at Dogwood Animal Hospital help bring out the very best in your cherished four-legged friend!