Your Cat Will Benefit From a Good Life-Stage Diet

Your new calico kitten Coco has already turned your home into her personal feline gym. Yesterday, you adopted this energetic seven-week-old cat through an animal rescue group. After arriving home, she raced through every room before rolling on the floor with her toys. Next, she attempted to climb the curtains. Today, she’ll visit your Lawrenceville, GA veterinarian for her new patient exam. The vet will prescribe a nutritious food geared to Coco’s demanding kitten lifestyle. As she matures, he’ll revise her diet to satisfy her changing nutritional needs.

Supercharged Kitten Food

Coco resembles a tricolored wind-up toy. Your tiny cat rockets through the house with lightning speed. Her little body is also growing very quickly.

To fuel these energetic activities, your growing girl must consume a high-calorie kitten food with extra protein. If she crunched a poor-quality mixture, she could display below-average development or even become sick.

Expectant/Nursing Mother Nutrition

Your hyperactive kitten will soon become a fertile female. You’ll have her spayed before she can contribute to the pet overpopulation epidemic. At the same time, you’ll serve as a foster cat mother for an animal rescue group. You’ll probably work with at least one pregnant female cat.

This expectant mother must receive nutrients for herself and her developing litter. If she consumes a high-quality diet, she can produce enough milk for every kitten. Good nutrition also helps her to avoid certain medical problems.

Tailored Senior Diet

Crazy little Coco will someday become an elegant senior cat. During her golden years, she could encounter a chronic medical condition and/or mobility issues. First, the vet will diagnose and treat her health concern. To support her treatment program, he could select a specially blended food.

Unexpected Obesity Source

Cats often become fat from gorging on too much food for their reduced physical activity. They can also become pudgy – even obese – from consuming an incorrect life-stage diet.

Maybe middle-aged Coco has abandoned her daily playtime sessions. Instead, she sleeps for hours on her comfy bed. If she keeps consuming her high-calorie kitten diet, she’ll likely gain unwanted weight.

As Coco enjoys her adult and senior years, your Lawrenceville, GA veterinarian will provide physical checkups and handle developing medical issues. As her nutritional needs evolve, he’ll change her diet accordingly. To provide your cat with quality nutrition, contact us for expert advice.

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